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Palaeoecology is ecology studied in four dimensions, over time scales longer than fit within a standard research project, whether that’s a century of landuse change, the lifespan of a tree or a forest, or the lifetimes of species and genera

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The burning question: what can we learn from the past?

By Annabel Everard (University of Aberdeen) and Michelle Farrell (Coventry University) This post is based on the paper: Florescu, G., Vannière, B., & Feurdean, A.  (2018). Exploring the influence of local controls on fire activity using multiple charcoal records from northern Romanian Carpathians. Quaternary International, 488, 41–57. To manage fires effectively we need to understand whereContinue reading “The burning question: what can we learn from the past?”

A Tale of Two Charles

by Angela Wade (PAGES) and Nina Witteveen (University of Amsterdam) This post is based on the paper: Bennett, K. D. 2004. Continuing the debate on the role of Quaternary environmental change for macroevolution. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 359, 295–303. 1859 was a big year. Charles Dickens dealt with fiction inContinue reading “A Tale of Two Charles”

New evidence to assess the 5 reasons Elm almost disappeared

By Emma Karoune (Independent Researcher) and Nicholas Loughlin (Northumbria University). This post is based on this paper: Peglar, S.M. and Birks H.J.B. (1993). The mid-Holocene Ulmus fall at Diss Mere, South-East England — disease and human impact? Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 2: 61-68. The reasons for the decrease of Elm trees in north-west Europe, aboutContinue reading “New evidence to assess the 5 reasons Elm almost disappeared”

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